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Recommended Books

  • Playing a Poor Hand Well by Dr. Mark Katz

  • I Can Learn by The California State Department of Education

  • Lonely, Sad & Angry by Dr. Barbara D. Ingersoll and Dr. Goldstein

  • ADD and the College Student by Dr. Patricia Quinn

  • Women with ADD by Sari Solden

  • The Misunderstood Child by Larry Silver

  • Driven to Distraction by Dr. J. Ratey and Dr. E. Hallowell

  • Parents' Guide to ADD by S. McCarney and A.M. Bauer

  • Succeeding in College with ADHD by Dr.Jennifer S. Bramer

  • Succeeding Against the Odds by Sally Smith

  • Teenagers with ADHD: A Parents' Guide by Chris A. Zeigler Dendy

  • Survival Guide for Kids with Learning Differences by Fisher and Cummings

  • In the Mind's Eye by Thomas West

  • No Easy Answers by Sally Smith

  • Learning Disability Contemporary Viewpoints by Dr. Richard Goldman

  • Overcoming Underachieving by Dr. Sam Goldstein and Dr. Nancy Mather

  • Advice to Parents on ADD by Dr. Larry Silver

  • Learning Disabilities and Discipline - PBS Guide to Video

  • Socially ADDept by Janet Z. Giler, Ph.D.

  • The Teacher Who Couldn't Read by John Corcoran with Carole C. Carlson

Recommended Video Tapes

  • Why Won't My Child Pay Attention? by Dr. Sam Goldstein

  • Why Isn't My Child Happy? by Dr. Sam Goldstein

  • Dyslexia: The Hidden Disability by Grand Rapids Community College

  • How Difficult Can It Be? - PBS video by Richard Lavoie

  • Learning Disabilities and Social Skills: Last One Picked, First One Picked On by Richard Lavoie

  • L.D. and Discipline: When the Chips Are Down - PBS video by Richard Lavoie

  • I'm Not Stupid by The Learning Disabilities Association of America

  • Leaders Guide to L.D. by The Learning Disabilities Association of America

  • ADHD: What Can We Do? by Russell A. Barkley

  • ADHD in the Classroom by Russell A. Barkley

  • ADHD in Adults by Russell A. Barkley

  • A New Look at ADHD by Russell A. Barkley

  • A Child's First Words by The Learning Disabilities Association of Orange County

  • How to Help Your Child in School by Sandra Rief

  • ADD Is A Family Affair by Jonathan Scott Halverstadt, M.S.

Recommended Newsletters, Journals & Publications

  • The GRAM (Newsletter)
    Learning Disabilities Association of California

    LDA-CA Membership $45 includes a local newsletter, the state newsletter, The GRAM, and the national newsletter Newsbriefs.
    State non-profit membership organization with state and local chapters that conducts an annual conference and offers information and various publications.

  • Learning Disabilities: A Multi-disciplinary Journal
    Published by Learning Disabilities Association of America
    Library Road
    Web: www.LDAAmerica.org
    Annual subscription (two issues) Cost $25.00

  • ATTENTION (Newsletter)
    Published by CH.A.D.D. / Children with Attention Deficit Disorders
    Formerly CH.A.D.D. / Ch.A.D.D.ER Box
    Professional Place Suite
    Web: www.chadd.org
    Published quarterly with membership $45.

  • The ADHD Report (Newsletter)
    Russell A Barkley & Associates
    University of Massachusetts Medical Center
    Subscriptions: (six issues)
    Individual $70 - Institution $99

  • The ADHD Challenge (Newsletter)
    Individual subscription published bimonthly $35. Addresses challenges faced by women with Attention Deficit Disorder.

  • National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) (Newsletter)
    Park Avenue South, Suite
    New York,
    Toll-free Information & Referral
    Web: www.ncld.org
    National non-profit membership organization which offers a free Information & Referral Service, conducts educational programs, raises public awareness of learning disabilities (LD), and advocates for improved legislation and services for those with LD.
    News Alert and NCLD News newsletters included with an Individual membership of $35.

  • ADDvance (Newsletter)
    Advantage Books
    Web Page: www.addvance.com
    Published bimonthly $29.95.
    A magazine for women with Attention Deficit Disorder.

  • Sensory Integration International (Newsletter)

    Annual Membership: Regular (Individual) - $30; Organizations - $50

  • The International Dyslexia Association
    (Formerly The Orton Dyslexia Society)
    Chester Building
    Web: www.interdys.org
    International non-profit membership organization that offers training in language programs and provides publications relating to dyslexia. Chapters are located in most states. Publications include Annals of Dyslexia (annual journal), Perspectives on Dyslexia (quarterly newsletter), the Orton Emertus Series and more. This is the only national non-profit organization solely concerned with dyslexia.

  • Slingerland Institute for Literacy (Newsletter)
    One Bellevue Center
    Annual Membership $35

  • California Association of Resource Specialists (CARS) (Newsletter)
    Associate Membership $35

  • Stuttering Foundation of America (Newsletter)
    Web: www.stutterfa.org
    Cost: $10 (Postage)

  • Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc. (Newsletter)
    Individual Membership $35

  • The Special EDge (Newsletter)
    Resources in Special Education (RiSE)

    Providing information development and dissemination for the California Special Education Division under the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development.

  • Quarterly Audio Update (Newsletter)
    Reed Martin, J.D., Conferences and Publications

    Web: //www.reedmartin.com
    Audio format (one hour tape) sent every three months with valuable information on special education law: about DEA Amendments, New DEA Regulations, Section 504, ADA, Interpretations from Federal Agencies and more. Updates on court cases in: transition planning, teacher training, damages, IEPs, parents' rights, more. Annually $59 - Single Issue $16.95 ($2 s/h)

  • Special Education Rights Update (Newsletter)
    Reed Martin, J.D., Conferences and Publications

    Web: www.reedmartin.com
    Written 8-12 page newsletter on Special Education Rights. Published quarterly. Practical and usable information about special education law: (DEA Amendments; the New DEA regulations; Section 504, and the ADA.) Each quarterly newsletter will feature information on procedural rights and will detail information on important topics in special education. Annually $57 - Single lssue $16.95 ($2s/h)

  • Special Education Rights & Responsibilities Seventh Edition - Written by Community Alliance for Special Education (CASE) &
    Donation $10
    Can be downloaded via website: www.pai.ca.org

  • The Council of Parent Attorneys & Advocates
    COPAA Notes (Newsletter)

    Web: www.copaa.net
    Published quarterly and is distributed to COPAA members as part of their membership; non-members may subscribe for $50 per year.

Free Resources

  • California Special Educational Programs A Composite of Laws*
    Education Code - Part 30, Other Related Laws, and California Code of Regulations - Title 5

    Free of Charge

  • National Institute for Literacy (NIFL)

    For more information about NIFL projects, visit the LINCS home page at http://novel.nifl.gov

  • National Information Center for Children & Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY)

    Information clearinghouse that provides free information on disabilities and disability-related issues. Information available also in Spanish.

  • ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education (ERIC/CEC)
    The Council for Exceptional Children

    Web: www.cec.sped.org/ericec.htm.
    A national information system on education with a large database of education materials. Publishes and disseminates information, serves as a resource center for the general public, and promotes the dissemination of research.

  • National Adult Literacy and Learning Disabilities Center (National ALLD Center)
    LINKAGES (Newsletter)
    Non-profit organization established by the National Institute for Literacy that provides information regarding the impact of LD on literacy and offers technical assistance to practitioners in current best practices. Can provide a list of state resources on literacy and LD; information and materials on the relationship between adult literacy and LD, and on current practice at no charge.

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